Members of the Council

Mary Higgins (Whitecliff)

 Mary Higgins
Catherine Wallace (Taylor's Lane) Secretary  Catherina Wallace
Kevin Treacy (Moyville)  Kevin Treacy
Terri Bradshaw (Whitechurch)  Terri Bradshaw
Gerry Mangan (Glendoher)  Gerry Mangan
Maurice Murph (Boden Park)  Maurice Murphy
Alan Balfe (Whitecliff)  Alan Balfe
Helen Harrington (Ballyboden)  Helen Harrington
Linda Roche (Glendoher)  Linda Lyons
Mark O'Toole (Prospect)  Mark OToole




The Parish Council meets monthly. Members can be contacted through the Parish Office.

Purpose of Parish Council

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to assist the Parish Priest in the administration of the pastoral aspects of parish life.

The Council is consultative and its areas of concern include:

The Promotion of Christian Life in the Parish,

  •  Supporting and collaborating with existing Groups
  •  Planning for future needs
  •  Listening carefully to the needs of people of the Parish
  •  Communicating well with the Parish

Giving effect to our Parish Mission Statement (see above) includes for us as a Council working to:

  •  Build a community which gives expression to our faith in Jesus where each person feels welcomed, accepted and valued in their own right.
  •  Promoting a greater sense of togetherness and participation as we gather in our Church.
  •  Spreading this togetherness in Church out into our Parish Community in a way that is inclusive and all embracing.